Can I quilt with my regular sewing machine?

​Yes! We recommend using a walking presser foot on your machine, but it is not strictly necessary. You will however want to use a good quality threads to ensure you get nice straight seams.

How often should I change my needle?

​This depends on the type of needle, the type of fabric, and the number of hours you spend sewing. The rule of thumb is to change your needle after every 6 hours of sewing time. If you are working on a project, like a bag, where you are sewing through any adhesives or thick materials like vinyls or zipper tapes, then you may want to change your needle after completing that project.

Why are there so many different kinds of needles?

​Needles have different sizes and are made specific to the different fabrics you may be sewing with. Microtex needles are extra sharp and titanium needles are stronger and last longer.

Isn't all thread created equal?

​No! Thread quality and material can make a huge difference to your tension, your ability to sew a straight seam, and thread breakage. Thread has different weights and is made of different fibers (cotton, polyester, and rayon).

Do you send out machines for service?

​No. All service is done in house by our Viking trained and certified master technician.

Does my machine need regular service?

​Yes. Like your car, if you're using your sewing machine quite a few hours a week, it will need to be serviced regularly.